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Dear Parents/Guardian,

Thank you for a successful open house for the 2017-2018 school year. For any parents unable to attend open house, student packets and schedules will be given to your child/children to take home Monday.  Please fill out and return the information in your child/children's packet as soon as possible, for example, lunch forms, health forms, etc...

Each child will recieve their AMSTI lab safety contract. Parents and students must fill this out and send back to me so your child/children can participate in lab activities. The second piece of information that will go home with your child is the parent and student passcodes to access Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a way for teachers to easily document and monitor student behavior by rewarding points for good behavior or removing them away as they misbehave. Students will be awarded incentives or consequences for their behavior while in school. Parents and students can keep track of classroom behaviors by going to the Class Dojo website or by downloading the Class Dojo app. The app can be found on Android and iPhone/iPad. To access the Class Dojo website go to To access the app, go to the Play Store or iPhone's App store.

Announcement Image for TO ALL PARENTS AND GUARDIANS!!!


The process of subscribing to receive texts is simple. Each periods will have a different text code. You will text the code for the class period your child has science. Send a text to:  81010. The code sent via text message  is listed below and must be for the class/period that I have your child. If anyone has trouble with 81010, try texting 812-645-6514. Only sign up for the class period that I have your child(ren). If you have multiple children in the 7th or 8th grade, you must register for each student separately by the period they’re in my class. See their class schedule.

The number to text your codes to is 81010


Second Period; 7th Grade Science...@dgahc

Third Period; 7th Grade Science...@k4d797

Fourth Period; 7th Science...@g3hfb9

Fifth Period; 8th Science...@fifthpep

Sixth Period; 8th Science...@ehfhgc


After clicking the "send" button, you will be asked to type you name. For parents, enter your name and the name of your child in parenthesis. For students, enter your first and last name.